We bring your horses safely from A to B

Our permits

Professional horse transport has to legally comply with strict requirements. We of course have all the necessary permits for the company, vehicles and drivers. All our transports and vehicles comply with the most recent legal requirements. All our vehicles are also periodically tested and serviced. Upon request we can offer you our permits for inspection.


NVWA (Dutch Food and Goods Authority)

The NVWA checks animal welfare before and during transportation very carefully. Registered vets assess whether or not animals can be transported. In the case of mismanagement the permit is withdrawn.

Lumaro Horsetravel has the NVWA-permit. This permit applies to:

  • Animal transport < 65 kilometres
  • Animal transport < 8 hours
  • Animal transport > 8 hours

Logo TNL Lumaro Horsetravel

TLN (Dutch Transport & Logistics)

TLN is an entrepreneurial organisation for transport companies. The TLN looks after the interests of transport companies with regards to social, economic, judicial and technical issues. Lumaro Horsetravel is a member of this organisation.

Logo RWD Lumaro Horsetravel

RDW (Ministry of Road transport)

Lumaro Horsetravel’s vehicles are approved in accordance with the RDW-directives for transport longer than 8 hours. They are equipped with feed and water facilities. The temperature is also continuously monitored. If necessary the temperature is automatically adjusted by means of fans and ventilation via the windows.

All of our vehicles are equipped with a tracking system (track-and-trace) so that we know where the vehicle is located. In this way we can immediately react to any changes in the route caused by either weather conditions or road congestion.

Logo NIWO Lumaro Horsetravel

NIWO (Dutch Inspectorate of Road Transport Organisation)

As a recognised transport company Lumaro Horsetravel is in possession of the compulsory NIWO-permit. This permit means that our company is allowed to transport goods of over 500 kilos for third parties. The number 27226 has been allocated to our company.

Dierengezondheidszorg Vlaanderen

DGZ (Animal Healthcare of Flanders)

Drivers/carers who commercially transport agricultural pets (including horses) must be in possession of a certificate of professional competence. For that reason all Lumaro Horsetravel’s drivers are in possession of a certificate of professional competence. In our case this is issued by the DGZ. This certificate is valid in all member countries of the European Union as well as in several other countries that are not part of the EU, but that follow the EU regulations, such as Switzerland and Norway.