From 1 July – Toll on Bundesstrassen in Germany

From 1st July on the Bundesstrassen – the German provincial roads – toll is charged for freight traffic. The disposition applies to 50,000 kilometers of Bundesstrassen.

This means that for lorries with a maximum permitted mass of 7.5 tonnes and higher, in addition to the Autobahn, from now on the B-roads toll must also be paid. This disposition has significance for many Dutch transport entrepreneurs; in particular, companies that drive a lot in the border region and used the Bundesstrassen for this purpose, in order to avoid the Autobahn, will also have to pay the toll from now on. The transport operators will have to install toll booths in their vehicles.

Look here for the road map of Germany


  • vehicles that are only used for circuses and fairs, such as camper vans, sales vans, attractions, and associated tractors, provided they are in the name of the fairground or circus operator
  • vehicles that are not exclusively used for the transport of goods, such as mobile cranes, exhibition vehicles, moving workshops, radio and television vehicles with fixed installations and medical research vehicles

Exemption can be requested via a form on the Toll Collect website. Request a written confirmation of the exemption.

Source: Evo Fenedex