Horse transport during extreme heat

During the upcoming days the temperatures in the Netherlands will rise significantly. This has consequences for the transport of your horses.

The requirements set by the NVWA for transport in extreme weather conditions are as follows:

• From 27°C there is intensive control by NVWA on animal transport
• From 30°C there is a ban on transport for longer than 8 hours. Fully conditioned vehiclesexcepted
• From 35°C there is a ban on the transport of animals. Fully conditioned vehicles excepted

In line of the above rules, it is advisable to transport horses with extreme heat early in the morning or late at night. Also ensure adequate ventilation in the trailer/truck and avoid traffic jam-sensitive locations.

Urgent medical transport
Transport to the vet or clinic for urgent medical reasons is allowed in all weather conditions.

If you are not sure whether you can hit the road with your horse or if you have other questions, our team here to help!