Lumaro Horsetravel present at Dressage Masters Limburg

Lumaro Horsetravel attends Dressage Masters Limburg, which is being organized at De IJzeren Man in Weert this Saturday March 31! Together with Anemone Horsetrucks B.V. we will be there to present our beautiful two-horse cars.

It is the first edition of the Dressage Masters Limburg, but the expectations are high! The sold-out event will be entirely dedicated to dressage, with clinics and presentations. Instructors and judges can also earn 40 license points. ‘Education and conviviality are paramount during the Dressage Masters Limburg’, says co-organizer Bjorn van Kessel. He organizes the event together with Inge and Mia Coenen, Leontien Raijmakers, Niels Bax and Rudy Tegels.

Informative day
During the first clinic of Sven Rothenberger, the successful Young Rider Lotte Meulendijks will perform with her horse Welt Hill. In addition, the well-known rider Stéphanie Beek-Peters will come into action as Grand Prix rider in the clinic of Tineke Bartels. In addition to these two trainers, Piet Raijmakers is also present. He will discuss the importance of a good combination between top sport and entrepreneurship. After these clinics, an interactive program has been put together.

Come and visit us!
Will you also come to Dressage Masters Limburg? Do not forget to visit us! We are certainly looking forward to it!