Want to rent a vehicle for more than 1 month? That is possible!

Do you need a horsebox or trailer? No problem! We from Lumaro Horsetravel have multiple vehicles available that meet the highest safety standards. It is also possible to rent one of our vehicles for more than a month, also for tours.

Lumaro Horsetravel has both hand-switched vehicles as well as vehicles with automatic transmission. They are washed every week and look like new. In addition, they are provided with good quality shavings and meet the highest safety requirements. By renting you have no purchase costs, you don’t have to have continuous insurance and you save a lot of time and money on maintenance costs.

For more information on long-term rental, please contact us by mail or phone.

Phone: +31 6 46 62 72 98
E-mail address: info@lumarohorsetravel.nl

Click here for the terms and conditions, delivery and more information about our vehicles.