Renault Master huren

Expansion of fleet with Anemone Renault Master

Mid-February the Lumaro Horsetravel fleet will be expanded with a new acquisition: the Anemone Renault Master – Filovan MTM as stallion version.

This new acquisition has extra safety aspects. It is a stallion version and that means that the vehicle is equipped in such a way that the horses cannot jump over the partition bar. Neither can the horses’ heads touch each other, which makes the horsebox ideal for transporting horses that don’t get on with each other or for transporting stallions.

This is the fourth new MTM that Lumaro Horsetravel has purchased from Anemone.

The new vehicle complies with all the safety requirements and is fitted out in Lumaro’s colour and with its logo. Anemone Horsetrucks supplies high-quality transport solutions and has many years of experience. As a result, the trucks are equipped with the best safety. Lumaro uses only Anemone trucks because if there is one thing that we find important it is transporting your horse safely from A to B.