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Lumaro Horsetravel expands fleet with new Renault Master

Yesterday, Lumaro Horsetravel has added a new Renault Master MTM Filovan to it’s fleet! This enables us to serve even more horse people as a horse transport and rental company. The two-horse horsebox was purchased from Anemone Horsetrucks, where we also bought our other horseboxes. The Renault Master is fully equipped. It has a reversing […]

Drivers provided with new Lumaro workwear

We, Lumaro Horsetravel, are very pleased with the fact that our drivers are provided with brand-new workwear! We have purchased these clothes from House of Horses by Birgit. The new jackets and sweaters arrived this week. Our drivers will now literally and figuratively make a fresh start of the new year. In addition, the waterproof jacket […]

Mandatory snowflake symbol on winter tires

From January 1st 2018, all winter tires in Germany, and therefore also all-season tires, must be equipped with a snowflake symbol. Previously the symbol was only obliged in the United States of America and Canada. When you want to buy new all-season tires, make sure that these tires are equipped with a snowflake symbol. Tires with […]

Want to rent a vehicle for more than 1 month? That is possible!

Do you need a horsebox or trailer? No problem! We from Lumaro Horsetravel have multiple vehicles available that meet the highest safety standards. It is also possible to rent one of our vehicles for more than a month, also for tours. Lumaro Horsetravel has both hand-switched vehicles as well as vehicles with automatic transmission. They […]

Avoid fine: Environmental sticker France

Since July 1st 2016, there is a new legislation in France called Crit’Air. Since this legislation, French municipalities can appoint environmental zones. The purpose of this is to reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. It is therefore obligatory for national and international motor vehicles to possess the environmental sticker Crit’Air Ecovignet. So […]

New website Lumaro Horstravel: and now on full speed!

In the digital age we live in, a good website is not a luxury, but a necessity. We from horse transport and horsebox rental company Lumaro Horsetravel could not stay behind and we have let marketeers create a whole new website for us. Our new website is live since yesterday. Lumaro Horsetravel thanks its good […]